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By The Book - Joshua

1. Who made Joshua the successor of Moses? (Joshua 1:1,6) (see also Rock Of Ages and The Logos)

2. Who helped the 2 Israelite spies in Jericho? (Joshua 2:1)

Jordan River 3. Did the Jordan River part for the Israelites when they entered the promised land just as the Red Sea did when they left Egypt? (Joshua 3:15-17)

4. When did the Israelites stop eating manna? (Joshua 5:10-12) (see What Was Manna?)

5. Who did Joshua encounter just as they neared Jericho? (Joshua 5:13-14) (see The Angel Of The Lord)

6. How many days, and how many times, did the Israelites march around Jericho before the "walls came tumbling down"? (Joshua 6:15,20) (see The Fall Of Jericho)

7. At what place did The Lord miraculously lengthen the daylight so that the Israelites could achieve a complete victory? (Joshua 10:12-13) (see Joshua's Long Day)

8. Which 3 tribes of Israel had land assigned to them east of the Jordan River? (Joshua 22:9) (see Eastern Tribal Lands and Tribal Lands and The Tribes Of Israel)

9. Where did the Israelites formally agree to remain faithful and obedient to The Lord after they entered the promised land? (Joshua 24:24-25)

10. How old was Joshua when he died? Where was he buried? (Joshua 24:29-30)

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