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Tyrant, from the Latin tyrannus, meaning terrible, is generally defined as a "dictator or dictatorial person; an autocrat; a despot." Tyrants aren't elected; according to the original literal meaning of the word, which in ancient times (i.e. when Bible History, and Prophecy was written) referred to someone who usurped political rulership without the consent of the people, or at the expense of the existing government. By definition, an actual tyrant cannot exist in nations where democracy exists, or continues to exist because any suspension of democratic liberty would never be tolerated by its citizens (i.e. although the tyrant Adolf Hitler was elected to office, one of the first things that he successfully did was to, in his (translated from German) words, "do away with this democratic nonsense"). That reality (along with the fact that there will also be no "separation of church and state" there then, just as there isn't in most places there now - see Church and State) should be the strongest clue as to the places where the end-time "Beast" leader won't be.

Satan's End-Time Tyrant, The "King Of The North" In Central Europe

Hitler The European Union is today reawakening, again, an ancient, inescapable destiny (see The Holy Roman Empire). Although democratic at first (based on the independent European nations that are today voluntarily surrendering much of their individual sovereignty to the bureaucrats in Brussels - who are increasingly controlled by the bureaucrats in Berlin), the well-intentioned democratic foundation of the EU will not last:

And then, The Return Of Jesus Christ, and the first of the Resurrections:

Fact Finder: (a) How will the "King of the North" and the Pope be allied? (b) What does the "666" mean?
(a) See Revelation 13 (b) See The Mysterious "666"

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