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A Heavenly Cavalry Charge

It's a familiar part of the script in many old Western movies - at the pioneer's darkest moment out in the wilderness, just when all seems lost, suddenly the sound of a bugle, a Cavalry Charge, and horsemen to the rescue. While there is nothing exactly like that in the Bible, there is, in principle, something very much the same - a Great Event, right down to "pioneers" (see The Elect) in dire trouble, then the sound of a trumpet (see The Shofar), and mighty "horsemen" to the rescue.

"A white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True"

A White Horse The time just prior to The Return Of Jesus Christ is going to be a horrendous ordeal for many of God's true people:

Until one day, the sound of a mighty trumpet will be heard over all the earth:

And a great force of mighty "horsemen" will arrive:

Fact Finder: What is the difference between the two "white horsemen" of Revelation?
See Two White Horses

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