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Poltergeist, from the German words polter, meaning noise, and geist, meaning spirit, is a supposed kind of ghost that, as its name implies, allegedly causes unexplained noises such as banging on a wall, footsteps on a floor, slamming doors, even throwing things. Some have even allegedly pushed, struck or otherwise assaulted people. Reports of them have been made for centuries. While many, or most, can simply be explained by natural causes, mental illness of the "witness," honest misperception, or outright fraud, others have not been accounted for.

Do "Ghosts" Really Exist?

A Ghost The Bible plainly states that the spirit world is teeming with life. God Himself of course is Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God (called the "Holy Ghost" in earlier translations of the Bible) is Spirit. God also created countless billions of angels, the good ones being the friends of Believers (e.g. "Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation?" Hebrews 1:14), but there are also angels who rebelled and sinned, known now as demons (or "devils" in older translations). The chief among these is Satan himself who became a wicked rebel (see Born To Be Wild? and What Does Satan Look Like?)

But what are "ghosts"? Are they angels of some sort? Or are they spirits of humans who have died?

There is only one recorded incident in the Scriptures of the spirit of a dead human seeming to appear to someone, that of Samuel appearing to Saul. It's important to note that, if it was somehow actually the spirit of Samuel, as it seems to have been, the rare incident was to deliver a Godly message, not to scare or haunt anyone:

It's also very important to note that Saul used a witch (1 Samuel 28:7) to consult that spirit, something that God commanded never to do:

Are ghosts angels then? Righteous angels did appear to humans quite often throughout Bible History, but they never did it in a "haunting" or obscure manner. They usually appeared in the form of humans, who identified themselves in a clear and dignified manner, while bringing a message or on a mission from God. There was no nonsense.

So, if "ghosts" do exist, and they're not humans (see What Happens When You Die?), or God's angels, what's left? Demons.

Demons are fallen angels who have become warped in thought and behavior. The very small number of "unexplainable" incidents (keeping in mind that most sightings are honest misperceptions, deliberate fabrications, or unhealthy delusions by the mentally ill or those impaired by alcohol or drugs) are very likely demons. And they are nothing to worry about for the converted Christian.

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