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The Day Of Atonement

According to the Bible Calendar (see also Bible Months), the tenth day of the seventh month (Tishri) is the Day of Atonement. Jews call it Yom Kippur. In Hebrew Yom means day, (marked from sunset to sunset, as instructed by God), and Kippur means to pardon, or condone. The word atonement carries the meaning to English-speaking people. It means to make amends or to reconcile - to become "at one."

What Does The Day of Atonement Mean To Christians?

Aaron The observance of the Day of Atonement originates all the way to the time of Moses:

The Lord commanded the Day of Atonement as a solemn annual observance of the Israelites (see also Physical and Spiritual Israel), past and future - as plainly evidenced by the example of the Christian apostle Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament that Christianity is based upon, and who never stopped observing the Day of Atonement (e.g. Acts 27:9). It's unique in that it's the only of the annual God-commanded Biblical Holy Days in which fasting was required. The fast was such a strict requirement that anyone who failed to do so would be cut off from the community.

All of the Biblical Holy Days are significant to Christians because they individually symbolize the steps in God's Plan of Salvation (the very purpose of Christianity) for all humanity. There is only one God, and only one Way (see The Way) to eternal life. Just as, for example, the Passover's slain lamb symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (the "Lamb of God"), or The Feast Of Trumpets which pictures the future Return Of Jesus Christ, the Day of Atonement also has its significance to the Christian world - so much so that many truly-repentant Christians observe the Day of Atonement as a Holy Day, including the fast.

There are 3 elements of the Day of Atonement that apply directly to Christians:

The Day of Atonement signifies the 3 most vital aspects of Christianity:

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