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As the name implies, a Galilean was a native or inhabitant of Galilee which is located in northern Israel (see map below, and Bible Places). In New Testament times, their accent of Hebrew and Aramaic was apparently different than of Jews in the south, making them readily distinguishable when they traveled down to Judea. "Galilean" was used in a contemptuous way for early Christians, as was also the term for inhabitants of Nazareth (see Fact Finder below) which was in Galilee. Jesus Christ was a Galilean, as were nearly all (Judas Iscariot was one who wasn't) of The Twelve Apostles.

Map Of Galilee

Galilee In The New Testament

After Jesus was arrested on The Fateful Night, Peter was identified as a Galilean, which resulted in his famous denial of Christ "before the cock crows," exactly as Jesus Christ said would happen.

Pontius Pilate discovered that Jesus Christ was a Galilean, and reported it to Herod Antipas (see The Herods) who was tetrarch of Galilee during much of Jesus' human life. Unlike his father Herod The Great, who had tried and failed to have Jesus killed when He was an infant, Herod Antipas saw the Christ killed.

Fact Finder: What was meant by the Biblical term "Nazarene"?
See Nazarene

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