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A Journey To A "Far Country"

A vast number of people, not just Christians alone, are very well aware that Jesus Christ was a real-live human being Who lived nearly 2,000 years ago (I continue to be somewhat amazed at how so many non-Christian Jews who have written to me are often more certain that Jesus the Nazarene existed than many Christian-professing people are!), was crucified (again, something that most Jews and Christians agree is a historical fact), was resurrected (here's where the parting happens between Christians and non-Christian Jews), and ascended into heaven. Millions of Christians also believe that The Return Of Jesus Christ is going to happen some day, as the Bible plainly describes. But what has Jesus Christ been doing in the time since He left? And why did He leave? And why is He coming back?

Mount Of Olives A Journey To A "Far Country"

Many of Jesus' followers in that time believed that the Kingdom of God would be established then. Jesus explained that it was not yet time:

Jesus Christ Appeared Before God To Be Crowned As King

The triumphant Messiah (see Could Jesus Have Sinned? and Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?) went to heaven and appeared before God where He was crowned King of kings and Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16):

Serving As Humanity's High Priest While Awaiting The Return

Jesus Christ, as the Messiah, is the fulfillment (see Type and Antitype) of what Aaron and his successors in the Levitical priesthood symbolized while serving in the The Tabernacle In The Wilderness and The Temple in Jerusalem (see also "My Father's House"):

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