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Bears are large mammals with thick fur and powerful teeth and claws. Despite their somewhat clumsy appearance, they can run much faster than a human, and most are very good tree climbers. Their diet is varied, depending on availability, but can include fruits, insects, honey, carrion, fish and smaller animals. The Syrian Brown Bear, Ursus Syriacus, which could reach a standing height of 6 feet and weigh 500 pounds, is the bear referred to in The Bible, where references to bears were both literal and symbolic.

Bear Literal bears in Bible History:

The proverbial "bear robbed of her cubs" is very ancient:

Symbolic bears are also found in Prophecy:

The Four Beasts

Fact Finder: Is the same symbolic "bear" that the prophet Daniel saw also seen by the apostle John in the Book of Revelation?
Revelation 13:1-8

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