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Syria Palaestina

The name "Palestine" originated from the Greek word pronounced Palaistina, which is derived from the Hebrew word pronounced pel-eh-sheth, meaning land of the Philistines (one of the most famous of whom was Goliath). The original word referred only to a small coastal territory corresponding to what is today Gaza, never to any part of the God-commanded land of Israel.

David The definition of "Palestine" was first expanded when the conquering Romans (see Ancient Empires - Rome) used the name Syria Palaestina during the second century before Jesus Christ. They used it to designate the southern portion of the province of Syria, which then took in Roman occupied Judea, including Jerusalem.

In modern times, the popular definition of Palestine was again greatly inflated after the First World War. Britain, which then held control of the land of Israel under a mandate of the League of Nations (British control eventually made possible the birth of the modern state of Israel, thereby fulfilling a vital Biblical element of Prophecy), revived the name as an official title for practically all of the land - from Dan to Beersheba, and from The Mediterranean Sea to The Jordan River. And so it has been ever since.

Humans have been fighting over "Palestine" for a very long time. A vital, very often overlooked point of the struggle, which continues right this very minute, is that the earth belongs to God. It is His property. He created it, and He has held full ownership of it before humans ever existed.

So, who does the Owner of the land say is to be living there, not for their benefit, or out of any sort of favoritism, but to fulfill the practical, physical aspects of His plan of salvation for all people, of all nations? Let's see:

Fact Finder: What did God warn the Israelites would happen (as it is again today with bombings and terrorist attacks committed by people living within Israel's own God-commanded borders) if they did not take complete possession of the land (from Dan to Beersheba, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, every last square inch) that God commanded them to possess?
Numbers 33:55-56

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