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Did O.J. Simpson Do It?

On June 12 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were savagely knifed to death outside of her home in Los Angeles; 5 days later, Nicole's estranged husband, former football great O.J. Simpson, was arrested after a bizarre live-TV "Bronco chase" on the freeway and charged with the murders. On October 3 1995, a criminal-court jury acquitted Mr. Simpson; on February 4 1997, a civil-court jury found Mr. Simpson liable for the killings. Throughout it all, and to this day, Mr. Simpson maintains that he is innocent, and many believe him. Others are convinced that he was the killer. Even though years have now passed since the "trial of the century," many are still asking the question, "Did O.J. do it?"

The Scales Of Justice One thing is certain, whoever the murderer is, he has not yet faced justice for that horrible crime. The important word there is yet, because although there were no actual witnesses to the murders who testified at the criminal or civil trials, there is coming another day of judgment when those who saw it all will testify. The murderer, whoever he turns out to be, will then be identified with absolute certainty. There is no escape from justice for anyone.

The Victims Themselves

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, as with everyone else who has died through the ages, are at this moment in a deep, peaceful sleep (see What Happens When You Die?) from which they will one day be resurrected to life. What better human eyewitnesses could there be than the victims themselves?

God Knows Who Did It

But what if the murderer was wearing a disguise, or a mask of some sort, so that the victims couldn't see who it was? No problem. Masks and disguises don't work with God.

No One Gets Away With Anything

Humans can sometimes seemingly get away with deceiving other humans, at least for a while, but God absolutely cannot be fooled at all. It doesn't work with Him. Sooner or later, everyone gets what's coming to them, for good or bad.

Fact Finder: What sort of unrepentant people are going to be cast into the lake of fire?
Revelation 21:8

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